We deploy peer learning within organisations


Launch the dynamic

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We embrace your vision and culture. We customize our method and strategy for your community, according to your values, culture and space design. Our WAP facilitators deploy the peer learning program within selected small groups. They guide participants to ask, join sessions or offer their knowledge, using our tools.

Accelerate internally


Participants themselves become knowledge-sharing facilitators. They embark more peers to use the WAP methodology. Participants find interest & pleasure and results to share, even some of them never had thought of. More leaders understand how facilitating collective intelligence increases performance at work. They dedicate more and more energy to facilitating peer learning.

Facilitate auto-organization


Now, all collaborators becomes facilitators. Not only they contribute, but also they create communities. Sharing knowledge is part of the day-to-day job. Each collaborator spends at least several hours/month sharing knowledge. The community grows exponentially and thrive together.