We deploy peer learning within organizations to let people share knowledge and make change


Live & Interactive knowledge sharing format

At WAP, participants share their knowledge with each other in turn in live, interactive sessions. The sharing happens in small groups through teaching, activities or discussion. Topics are related to their inspiration, interest, knowledge, expertise of the week or past.


A unique METHODOLOGY to trigger the dynamics of peer learning

In the past 2 years, more than 2000 participants have been able to find the desire and confidence to share their knowledge through WAP. They have learnt how to present their knowledge in the form of short, interactive and useful way. In the process of explaining and interacting, hey have explored and discovered more about their specialty. 90% had true interest in the topics shared and feel very engaged. At the end, they feel empowered to be better at what they do, add more value to the organisation and willing to share more.


The box, peer learning methodological kit

We have developed a kit for guiding facilitators before / during / after the sessions to ensure an optimal experience and the performance of peer learning.

The cards help to inspire and structure peer learning:

  • Recall the rules of the game (Free Expression, Participation, Usefulness
  • Offer methodological content (Questions> Interactions> Actions) G
  • Guarantee values and transmission time

The technology to scale knowledge sharing by self-organization


This mobile app let people ask for knowledge, select the most required ones, offer their own knowledge and create their own WAP sessions. Community based, auto-organized, and easy to use.


How do we work ?


Professional Training & Courses

We started the program end of 2015 to help every student find out their own speciality and transfer it to others. The process helps them to discover their direction in life and work and the confidence to lead it. In 2016, WAP became a regular cross-program community in EMLYON open to 2,000 students.

"Students are experts of their own experience"

"I can now assert that, when it comes to my personal way of learning, this peer-to- peer way is 100% more effective. I was learning so much more by meeting people, debating and asking questions. I learned so much, so fast, compared to classical teaching."

- Milene Cardoso



GRDF innovation lab seek for liberating employees' energy and potential. We have created an open learning program for more than 200 collaborators of IT department. Together, they've revealed talents, ideas and projects. Some have called themselves "WAP addicts", taking charge of the peer learning program inside with great energy.

"The energy of people, the collective goodwill of a diverse group go further in being aligned in your work and in tune with what we are and what we do. For me it was the "click" to do what i always have wanted to do professionally within the organisation. I am convinced that WAP, can generate inside companies intrapreneurship, motivate employees and create value for the company."

- Edith Lafargue


Events & Conference

WARN - We Are Ready Now forum's aims to bring participants to learn and discover interesting things about each other so they can collaborate together in the future.  
We introduce our new format for sharing at their annual forum, that triggers collective intelligence and peer collaboration of their community on a regular basis.

"By expressing the ideas and topics chosen to others, we can conceive it better for ourselves."

"I’ve discovered my peers in an original way. I’ve really appreciated to discover the passions inside my group."

- WAP Participants


They work with us